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Alan's Adventure Fund: A Reverse Mortgage Refinance Case Study

Introduction: In this case study, we'll explore how Alan, a retired lawyer seeking to enhance his retirement lifestyle, utilized a reverse mortgage refinance to unlock additional funds for travel and pursue his passion for adventure.

Background: Alan, a retired lawyer, enjoyed financial stability in retirement but desired more flexibility to indulge in his passion for travel. With an existing reverse mortgage in place, Alan saw an opportunity to leverage his home equity further to fund his travel aspirations and explore new adventures with his wife.


  1. Desire for Travel: Alan's retirement dreams included extensive travel and exploration, but he sought additional funds to support these endeavors beyond his existing financial resources.

  2. Existing Reverse Mortgage: While Alan had a reverse mortgage, the initial amount he received was insufficient to fulfill his travel aspirations and desired lifestyle enhancements.

Strategy: Recognizing Alan's desire to enrich his retirement lifestyle through travel, our team proposed a reverse mortgage refinance as a strategic solution to unlock additional funds and provide the financial freedom he sought. Consulting with our team ensured Alan could easily access information on reverse mortgage refinancing and its potential benefits for his retirement goals.


  1. Mortgage Consultation: Alan engaged with us to explore options for unlocking additional funds to support his travel aspirations. Together, we evaluated the potential benefits of a reverse mortgage refinance tailored to Alan's retirement lifestyle goals.

  2. Reverse Refinance Process: Leveraging the equity in his home, Alan refinanced his existing reverse mortgage, unlocking an additional $90,000 in funds to support his travel plans and enhance his retirement lifestyle.

  3. Travel Planning: Alan and his wife utilized the extra funds to embark on an extended LDS mission to Mexico, fulfilling their desire for adventure and cultural exploration.


  1. Enhanced Retirement Lifestyle: Through the reverse mortgage refinance, Alan gained access to $90,000 in additional funds, allowing him and his wife to embark on a meaningful and fulfilling travel experience.

  2. Financial Freedom: The supplemental funds provided Alan with the financial flexibility to pursue his passion for travel without compromising his retirement savings or lifestyle.

Conclusion: Alan's experience demonstrates the power of a reverse mortgage refinance in unlocking additional funds to support retirement lifestyle goals and aspirations. By leveraging home equity, Alan achieved his dream of extensive travel and adventure, enhancing his retirement years with memorable experiences and newfound financial freedom.

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